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Deep Pocketz Coaching and Consulting Services

Without any coaching, starting a business can be an intimidating process. There are many things to learn and for most entrepreneurs, it requires trial and error. You may not know the tax implications of owning a business or the kinds of licenses and registrations that are required. However, you are not alone and we are here to provide the answers that you need

Deep Pocketz Coaching and Consulting Services

Our Mission

to guide business owners and entrepreneurs on their best funding options while educating them on strategies to grow and expand their businesses.

Initial Consultations-$150

Duration: 60 minutes.

A single session to iron out specific questions or needs you have. Your business coach establishes
your niche, discuss the steps you can take to achieve your goals, and helps you structure your

$150 -

Business Credit Basics-$200

Whether you manage an LCC or a corporation, we’ll show you how to establish a credit file for your business to help you acquire more capital, grow your business exponentially, and manage your money for effectively

$150 -

Business Credit Profile Buildout-$2500

A consultant will register your business with major credit bureaus, work directly with you to establish vendors, monitor your credit, and fast-track your PAYDEX Score to make your business soar

$2500 -

Business Credit Coaching-$1500

Dive deep into establishing your business credit to explode your empire and get the structure of your enterprise fine-tuned for perfection. Gain access to insider insights on how to increase and maintain your business credit with confidence.

Consumer Law Consultation-$500

Find out how to free yourself from debt and protect yourself against illegal debt collectors (a million-dollar industry) while building a strong credit score as an individual